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Jim Langley,
Owner/ Operator

I have been an electronic engineer for over 40 years getting my experience working on a diverse spectrum of electronics in silicon valley, california. I enjoy fishing, boating and electronics. My father told me in high school 'get into electronics, jim-that's the future of america!' he was so right too, look how electronics has truly made our lives easier.



Now retired, I started heatwave electronics when a friend called me saying: "Jim, my mom's pellet stove is dead and I can't afford to buy her a new one and they no longer repair or offer any replacement parts for her antique stove...Please help me!!!" I repaired her 'stove computer' in my garage, at no charge, and suddenly by word of mouth his friends with pellet stoves and their friends became my friends. True story.

Tips & Tricks

Jim provides complete customer satisfaction. He is willing to help customers by offering DIY tips by phone or email.

Customers Review


I had a hard time finding a controller for my Whitfield pellet stove. Everyone wanted 500.00 or more to replace the board. I sent the controller to Heatwave and had it back in days and they not only fixed the problem but replaced a switch that was hard to turn. I could not have been happier with their work. 150.00 and the stove is better than ever. I highly recommend this company to anyone that needs work done to their board/controller. Any work that I may need in the future will start at this company.

– Craig

Quality Service

The control panel arrived here about a week ago and the Whitfield has been cranking out BTUs ever since. Thank You for the quality service.

– Ted, Davidsonville, Maryland


Jim, just wanted to let you know our little Whitfield is humming away and finally making HEAT. I was pretty sure I had an electrical connection or sensor problem and, after reading Jim’s email and through the literature he sent me, I started tracing down the various leads and discovered that the repair tech had not replaced the low-temp switch and the auger power connection in the proper location on the terminal block. It never occurred to me that he would have done that wrong.

– Thanks again, Ted

Thanks Again

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks again. I attached a couple of pics of the 1995 Whitfield Cascade stove I rebuilt, before and after. It worked out fine as you can see by the couch couger in the second pic. I referred you to the parts manager at my local stove dealer, they are a pretty big outfit and he was happy to have your contact info and also a few friends who have board issues and I will continue to pop up.

– Thanks, Dan