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I had a hard time finding a controller for my Whitfield pellet stove. Everyone wanted 500.00 or more to replace the board. I sent the controller to Heatwave and had it back in days and they not only fixed the problem but replaced a switch that was hard to turn. I could not have been happier with their work. 150.00 and the stove is better than ever. I highly recommend this company to anyone that needs work done to their board/controller. Any work that I may need in the future will start at this company.”

– Craig Rabor


Janet/Jim, just wanted to let you know our little Whitfield is humming away and finally making HEAT. I was pretty sure I had an electrical connection or sensor problem and, after reading Jim’s email and through the literature he sent me, I started tracing down the various leads and discovered that the repair tech had not replaced the low-temp switch and the auger power connection in the proper location on the terminal block. It never occurred to me that he would have done that wrong.”

– Thanks again, Ted

Thanks Again

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks again. I attached a couple of pics of the 1995 Whitfield Cascade stove I rebuilt, before and after. It worked out fine as you can see by the couch couger in the second pic. I referred you to the parts manager at my local stove dealer, they are a pretty big outfit and he was happy to have your contact info and also a few friends who have board issues and I will continue to pop up.”

– Thanks, Dan


–Good work Jim. It’s a success! I started a fire today, let it get going and then turned it down. It ran on idle all afternoon.  After several hours I turned it up.  Fan increased as did the auger.  Turned it down, fan went down as did auger. Smells like success to me. Thanks for digging into that one for me. This’ll be great next Fall or next month if we have our sometime May cold snap.”

– Take care, Konrad


Your stove control board looks like its fried. You are COLD. HELP! You jump online. There’s quite a bit of noise out there. Some very helpful, some technically confusing, some self serving.   STOP HERE. You have found the people who not only know what they are talking about, but are helpful and patient enough to give you information to help you narrow down your diagnosis.  Jim was knowledgeable but turned down the voltage on his information to match my impeded understanding of the situation.” Anonymous

Pass it on

Hi guys, hope things are going well in your world. I wanted to pass the email below on to you. Thank you for doing such a great job for our customers! Sara It’s been a while since we received our board back, BUT I wanted to say thank you! You all were really quick and our pellet stove seems to be very happy now. I know we are! Thanks so much. Too often we are quick to complain about things, but don’t take the time to acknowledge the good work that people do. I wanted to be sure to acknowledge your professionalism ”

– Please pass it on, Sara. Ron Stewart


You fixed the controller for my Whitfield pellet stove a few weeks back. You and I spoke on the phone when my stove still didn’t appear to be working. After following your advice and double-checking all the connections, I found one that was loose. When I reconnected it the stove fired right up! Thanks so much for fixing the control board and for taking the time to walk me through some trouble-shooting afterward. The heating season is almost over here in Albuquerque, but we definitely stayed warm.”


– Warm regards, Helene Beauchamp